So, what luxury travel destination do You most desire?

I love asking people this question -- because luxury travel feeds the soul and restores us to a state of balance and harmony.  And there are so many varied ways to travel in style these days. 

This is a topic I am passionate about and so this site is designed to inspire you to turn your own travel dreams into reality, through the recommendations I have to offer you.

A cornucopia of choices.  Affordable ones too!

What luxury travel options will you find here?

You're just a heartbeat away from discovering:

  • some of the best cruise ships -- incl. small cruise ships
  • your own private yacht charter -- complete with personal chef
  • great ski resort deals -- for family ski vacations
  • the most romantic honeymoon destinations -- plus the best honeymoon cruise packages
  • adventure vacations -- African safaris -- luxury train travel
  • luxury spa resorts -- boutique hotels -- villas to rent

... as well as where to go for your luxury travel accessories -- plus other gear and gift ideas -- to make your holiday even more comfortable and memorable.

Let me help you choose...

I have had the pleasure and privilege of travelling to many corners of the globe -- not just as a visitor -- but with my work as well. 

This wonderful planet of ours is filled with so many stunning landscapes, fascinating cultures, amazing people, and beautiful places to stay. 

So I am excited to share some of my favourite travel ideas and experiences with you in these following pages.

Whether you are interested in simply relaxing and being pampered, or more action-packed adventure, this site has something to offer you, for your very best vacation yet!

Luxury Discount Travel

In each category, you'll find either special discounts, offers or all inclusive packages, proving that luxury discount travel is alive and well. 

For the Honeymooners, I'll reveal how you can arrange for your wedding guests to pay for your honeymoon outright, through a honeymoon vacation registry or other gift registry.

I hope you are getting excited!

Where to from here?

I invite you to browse through the links above, to find your favourite option, whether it be:

  • Cruise
  • Sail
  • Ski
  • Honeymoon
  • Adventure
  • Stay
  • Gifts / Gear

I hope you will be inspired by the hand-picked selection of desirable destinations throughout this site.  Let me know if I can be of any assistance, to make your getaway or vacation an unforgettable one.

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