Culinary vacations ...
an inspired holiday choice!

The words above say it all.  "Savour your World".   This is what culinary vacations are all about!  So if this is your idea of a great vacation, then you've come to the right place.

Culinary travel is becoming a very popular form of luxury travel, with Italy and Spain being high on the list.  Italian culinary vacations have been inspired by so many TV programs on Italian cooking.  And it's easy to understand why this part of the world inspires so many people.

Often it is the simplest of ingredients that make the most memorable dish.   The key lies in the quality and the sun-ripened aspects of the food.  Put that together with some excellent wine, and you really do have a recipe for pleasure.

Cooking Tours Italy

When you think of Italian cooking holidays, what comes to mind is:  delicious food with the freshest ingredients, and wonderful wines.  Whether it's pasta you love, or an excellent risotto, you will be inspired by the natural and effortless way the Italians approach their cooking.

Tuscany and Umbria are popular locations for culinary tours.  You'll get to see how the locals eat and the joy of sitting at long communal tables.  Family traditions have long placed an emphasis on sharing meal times together.

I remember staying in Assisi once, at a convent bed and breakfast, run by American and Irish nuns.  Not only were the rooms spacious and immaculate (forgive the pun), but the nuns also knew the best places to eat.  To this day, one of the best pizzas I ever had was in a little trattoria tucked away in the back streets.

Italian culinary vacations

The olive is also such a key component in Italian cooking...   whether it be as something to accompany a drink or as olive oil.  Olive groves abound in this part of the world, due to the ideal climate of the Mediterranean.

To see more about upcoming food and wine tours in Italy, click here and get excited about your next holiday!

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