Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Luxury hotels and resorts are where you go to unwind, relax, revive, regroup, refresh, pamper, and regain balance in your life.   Whether you want a luxury spa resort or somewhere with a private beach, there is the perfect place for you just waiting to be discovered.

As the photo above suggests, a tropical vacation is one of the most popular choices, and within the tropical category, the Caribbean is a destination that is hard to beat for that dream vacation. 

The Beauty of the Boutique Hotel

A boutique hotel is a great choice if you are after a big-city fix.  It can be like a sanctuary of peace in the middle of a teaming metropolis.   New York boutique hotels are a great example of this. 

I used to live in a landmark building, 12 stories above Broadway on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and I slept like a baby every night.   There's something about that hum of traffic that is sometimes so enjoyable... a kind of white noise that can be surprisingly soothing, when a getaway to the city beckons.

A big city also offers amazing nightlife... whether it's theatre, cabaret, classical music, opera... as well as a variety of art-house cinema that can't be found in a village or secluded resort.

So if you find yourself in a "New York state of mind", or you're looking for another big city with a range of boutique hotels, click below to see what's on offer...

Italian Villa Rentals

Please click here to see my page dedicated to Italy Vacation Rentals, for Italian villas, farmhouses and apartments.  You'll also see how to book Italian Culinary Tours.   Enjoy!

More luxury hotels and resorts

If you are seeking a luxury spa resort, then you will find these in a multitude of locations.  You can combine this style of vacation with a big-city fix... or choose a more quiet, peaceful location for a deeper level of relaxation.

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