Sail boat charter?  Choose your dream destination!

A sail boat charter is a wonderful form of luxury travel.   It combines relaxation, the great outdoors, time in nature and -- depending on which craft you choose -- it can be as opulent as you wish, or more of a "simple pleasure".

 With 2,000 different destinations to choose from, this is one of those delightful dilemmas of all time.

With an abundance of yachts available for hire, and different types of craft on offer, you may prefer a motor yacht, a catamaran, sailboat, a gulet, or even a houseboat.   Location and time of year may help to define the choice. 

Some of the top 10 most popular spots for yacht charters are the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Seychelles, and the Canary Islands.  But this is to name just a few options.

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Caribbean sailing charters

Caribbean sailing charters are a popular choice for both honeymooners and family vacations alike.  I have friends who sail the Caribbean every year with their grown-up children.  They come together from the 4 corners of the globe, to enjoy a relaxing holiday in these blue-green waters.

Antigua and Barbuda... Martinique...  the British Virgin Islands...  each one a superb sailing holiday destination. 

Check availability here, according to your own schedule... and, by the way, all  yachts are fully insured.

Florida Keys Vacations

A Florida Keys vacation is an ideal way to combine relaxation with a touch of adventure as well.  Typical spots to launch from are Miami, Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale.  In fact, Miami yacht charters are one of the most popular in this part of the world.

You can opt for total freedom and privacy with a bareboat charter -- which would be perfect for a catamaran rental -- or choose to have a crew take care of everything for you.

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Yacht Charter Greece

If you've ever dreamed of a sail boat charter in the Greek Islands, then this one's for you.   The sailing season in this region runs from April to October.

This is a great way to visit a selection of islands.  Are you attracted to the famous ones such as Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and Rhodes?  Or would you prefer other quieter, less-known islands?  Whichever part of Greece you prefer, there's a sail boat charter for you.

For lots of great information about which airports to use, where the various marinas are located, weather conditions, and the different groups of islands you can choose to sail to, click here for all the details.

Before or after you sail,  spend a few days in Athens, visiting ancient ruins and feeling the vibe of this bustling city.   Why not take in a sound-and-light show at the Parthenon by night. 

Sail boat charter with personal chef?

Professional chefs are available for hire, wherever your yacht may be sailing.  This is a chance to be totally pampered, without a worry of "what's for dinner".  All you do is relax and enjoy the scenery, the relaxation, bathing in warm seas, and the various ports of call you choose to make along the way

If you like the idea of a French chef on board, see this exquisite sample of what that could be like, for the best vacation yet.

Mediterranean sailing vacation

Are you planning a Mediterranean sailing vacation?  Or Mediterranean honeymoon?   In this region, you have a large number of ports to choose from as your start or end destination -- all the way from Spain & Ibiza to the Turkish coast. 

This part of the world is so rich in culture, art, good food and wine.  No wonder this sea is such a popular playground for sailing vacations.

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Super Yachts ... Mega Yachts

Staying in Mediterranean waters for a moment, this region has become famous for the super yacht and mega yacht industry.

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