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A to Z Guide -- Part 4

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L is for Lake Como Vacation

If you're interested in a Lake Como vacation, you will find a wonderful array of luxury villa rentals to choose from.  It's hard to describe the beauty of the northern Italian lakes, whether it be Como, Maggiore or Garda.  Each has its unique flavour and so many lakeside towns and villages to choose from.  A wonderful way to view the grandeur of the surrounding countryside is by taking a short excursion by boat.   And to find a villa rental that is just right for you, click here.

L is also for Las Vegas Honeymoon

If it is a Las Vegas honeymoon you are looking for, you'll get lots of information here... about the best hotels, shows, tours and other attractions to make your honeymoon in Vegas packed full of fun and vibrance.  Click here to find everything you need to know.

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M is for Mauritius Honeymoon

A Mauritius honeymoon will take you into the beautiful blue-green waters of the Indian Ocean.  This island has a varied terrain...  a mountainous volcanic interior, with a whole different climate down on the beaches.   When I visited here, I was amazed at the change of temperature and weather, once I'd left my hilltop accommodation.

Needless to say, this honeymoon option provides you with many lush and beautiful resorts to choose from, with secluded beaches, and a lovely eclectic mix of culture in this island life.   Great street food too!

In fact, if you choose one of the Mauritius honeymoon tours, you would be following in the footsteps of Fergie and Andrew, the then Duke and Duchess of York.  I just so happened to be there in 1986 when they were on their honeymoon. 

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N is for Niagara Falls Honeymoon

This is definitely one of the Top 10 honeymoon spots!  And understandably so.  Honeymoons in Niagara are steeped in romantic tradition.  Barbra Streisand even had a hit song about the Niagara Falls honeymoon.

Whether you choose to stay on the American side or the Canadian side of the falls, you'll find wonderful inns and resorts to cater for all your honeymoon wishes.  This is also a popular wedding venue, so honeymoon suites abound in this town.

This view of the falls above is on the Canadian side, and I remember standing at this very spot.  Breathtaking is hardly the word for it!

In fact, if you do choose the Canadian side, the town you would stay in is Niagara-on-the-Lake.  The Lake being Ontario.  This charming place has the most exquisite boutique hotels and superb restaurants.  This is also vineyard country.  Wines from this region have really put the Canadian wine industry on the map.

An added feature of this town is its annual Shaw Festival in the summer.  First-class theatre, celebrating the work of George Bernard Shaw, the Irish playwright. 

So if you choose this destination at this time of year, you may even get theatre tickets included in your Niagara Falls honeymoon package.

O is for Orient Express

For all you fans of luxury train travel, this one is, in my view, the ultimate.  The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is one of those sumptuous experiences where you will be bathed in luxury all the way.

Starting in London, on to Paris, then Milan... and ending in Venice, you may like to make it a 9-day tour, spending time in each city, before returning to London.

You'll enjoy a magnificent blend of comfort, fine dining, art, culture and stunning architecture as you travel through picturesque countryside.  And the 3 continental stops along the way are truly the most romantic cities in Europe.

This is best honeymoon potential without a doubt.

P is for Puerto Vallarta

For your Mexico honeymoon, see these beautiful villas for rent

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