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Q is for Queenly Honeymoon Suites

Are you ready to be pampered like a king and queen? 

What could be more divine than arriving at your 5-star resort on a private island...  and booking into your own luxury villa with private pool and garden.  Perfect for a secluded honeymoon.  Perfect also for a second honeymoon!

Well, there are such places, and one of them is in the Cook Islands of the South Pacific.  And the Royal Honeymoon Pool Villa of Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa is just waiting for you.  To give you a better sense of location, Aitutaki is about half way between Fiji and French Polynesia.

Imagine:  his and hers massages, exotic fruits... and later, fresh seafood and fine wines...  and your own private open-air spa bath.  This is the ultimate luxurious tropical honeymoon.   And it would be hard to beat this one as being the best honeymoon ever.

Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor

R is for Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

And what better romantic city than Rome!  This is "best honeymoon" material.  This iconic fountain above, the Trevi, is one of the most famous in the world and, as the story goes, if you throw 3 coins in the fountain, you are sure to return to Rome.

If you haven't already seen this Rome landmark in person, you would have seen it in various classic movies.  For more insider information about this beautiful fountain, click here on this delightful little website.

Italy holidays are all about beauty, art, culture, food and wine, and -- of course -- romance.  These aspects are part and parcel of everyday life here.  So a Roman honeymoon will certainly deliver as being one of the top honeymoon destinations -- and filled with romance.

S is for South America Honeymoon

A South America honeymoon gives you a lot of possibilities. 

For starters, you might be fascinated by Inca culture and want to visit Machu Picchu in Peru.  These ancient ruins stand at an altitude of 8,000 ft.  To get there, you first need to fly into Cusco, which is actually higher, at an altitude of 11,000 ft.   It is usually recommended to proceed directly to Machu Picchu first, to help acclimatize you, before returning to the higher altitude of Cusco after.

Alternatively, Argentina honeymoons have a sizzling romantic component... the home of the Tango!  Prepare to be mesmerized by one of these dance performances.  Combined with dinner, this is sure to be a great night out. 

Argentina is also home to the stunning Iguazu Falls.  The reason why this is on many travellers' list is:  these falls are nearly twice as high as Niagara and nearly three times as wide.  That's beyond impressive.

Then of course, there is beautiful Brazil.  Post-Olympics, Rio will be less crowded.  I have to say that some of the best food I've ever eaten was in Rio.  Fabulous grilled seafood and meats, full of flavour... and of course, the notorious caparinhas, packed with fresh limes.  I remember another equally delicious local cocktail, abundant with passionfruit.

If you are a fan of Brazilian bossa nova and the strains of Antonio Carlos Jobim, then a visit to Ipanema beach is an absolute must.  There'll you'll find cosy intimate night clubs with the most superb musicians, keeping Brazilian folk and jazz music alive and well.

Last but not least, a visit to the Amazon jungle is an unforgettable experience.  Any other rainforest in the world is dwarfed by comparison, not just in square mileage, but in density.   And when it rains at night, especially if you are under a tin roof, as I was on my visit to this part of the world, the sound is indescribable, from the volume of water that pours down.

So, I hope there might be some inspiration for you here, to consider South America to be a best honeymoon option.

T is for Tuscany Honeymoon

A honeymoon in Tuscany can be either relaxing, or vibrant...  depending on whether you want to rent a villa, or base yourself in the middle of one of Tuscany's bustling towns or cities -- Florence, Sienna, Pisa -- for example.  

The cafe society and art world of Florence is a rich treat.  The Uffizi Museum is one of the city's main attractions, as is the magificent Duomo cathedral.   And of course, the famous leaning tower here below needs no introduction.  Apparently, one little building mistake back in the 12th century led to its famous incline.

Or you could plan your honeymoon to include some of both... a week in the countryside to recover from your wedding, followed by a week of city life.

Italian villas are one of the top honeymoon spots, and Tuscany villas in particular are among the most popular choice.  Once again, so many films have been set in this beautiful region, so it's no surprise.

If you want to browse through and see what's available, to fit in with your honeymoon planning, there are villas available in all price ranges.   Make sure you check for last minute and special offers.   Click here to find the one that could make yours the best honeymoon ever.

U is for USA Honeymoon

Your USA Honeymoon is probably another one of those A to Z topics all on its own.  There are SO many top honeymoon destinations in this one country alone.  Some of the most popular locations are:  Maine, Vermont, Montana, Texas, Michigan, New York, North and South Carolina, Chicago, Orlando, Georgia, San Diego...  and other areas already mentioned earlier, as Alaska, Hawaii, Niagara, Las Vegas and Key West.

I know I'm leaving out many other top honeymoon spots in the USA, so I'd love to hear from you if you're reading this and want to be added to this page.

Meanwhile, the Golden Gate bridge above indicates another winning option... the California honeymoon.  San Francisco is such a wonderful city and I had some marvellous visits there when I lived in Los Angeles.

If you choose to honeymoon in San Francisco, you could enjoy a night at the  Opera.  I had the pleasure of seeing an Australian friend perform there some years ago and, as you would remember from the movie, Pretty Woman, it's a beautiful opera house.

Maybe you want to follow in the footsteps of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts and even hire a private jet.  Something special like that could make it the best honeymoon!

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