Honeymoon Vacation Registry

Are you planning a wedding or honeymoon?   Perhaps a second honeymoon?    Why not set up a  Honeymoon Vacation Registry, instead of the usual wedding gift list.  Chances are you already have enough crockery, pots and pans anyway...

You'll have your honeymoon paid for by the time your wedding day comes around.

It's easy to arrange... click here, create your registry and then send your guests to the site.

What's available in a
honeymoon vacation registry?

The wish-list is endless!   Firstly, you get to choose WHERE you want to go.  Then, you have a choice of flights, hotels, romantic spa menu for 2, adventure activities, water sports,  sunset cruises, fine dining and champagne, chocolates and roses.  What about a private campfire on a secluded beach!   The sky is the limit.

Over 1 million honeymoon wishes have been granted to happy couples from all around the world.  And more than 800 resorts and cruise lines are just waiting for you to select your preferences for the most memorable honeymoon ever.

Still needing some inspiration?

What's your ideal?  Perhaps a Venice honeymoon... or the best cruise honeymoon.  Caribbean honeymoon cruises are certainly high on the list for many newlyweds.  Hawaii honeymoon resorts are also a popular choice, as are Niagara Falls honeymoon packages.  In fact, Niagara Falls has a long-standing reputation as one of the Top 10 honeymoon spots.

From my research, most couples are seeking one of the all inclusive honeymoon destinations, and with the vacation registry, that is exactly what you get.

Take a look at some of the many samples and see the endless possibilities, to make yours the very best honeymoon.

Wedding Honeymoon Travel

Wedding Honeymoon travel is another popular idea.  This is where your hand-picked guests get to share the honeymoon destination with you!  What a beautiful way to extend the joy of your Big Day, knowing that your loved ones are along for the ride, and enjoying a vacation as well.

Honeymoon and wedding travel specialists excell in combining these two events.   So much so, the term Weddingmoons was created.  When you create a registry in places like Hawaii, for example, you'll find lots of weddingmoon options to choose from.  But you will find numerous destinations catering for this combination these days.

The Honeymoon Gift

The beauty of the honeymoon vacation registry is that it's the ultimate honeymoon gift for you BOTH.  It takes the strain out of the whole wedding event for you, knowing that your honeymoon is taken care of, right from the get-go.   This way, you can put your focus on making your Special Day an unforgettable one... then you just jump on that plane or boat and RELAX! 

How good is that!

To see how to send your wedding guests to the registry, all the details are here.

Enjoy :)

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