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Welcome to this page -- dedicated to your Italy vacation rental.  

It is easy to believe why Italy is one of the top vacation choices, because it has so much to offer, whether you are in a big city or out in the countryside.  You get to choose between vibrance and glamour, walking home along cobbled streets to a chic apartment.   Or whether to relax ....  smell the roses (or the rosemary!) ... as you wander around your villa or farmhouse.

Italy vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone here.  If you are seeking high comfort and style or a more rustic minimalist atmosphere, you'll find just the right place and price range to suit your budget.

Looking for a property to sleep 12 or more?  Or just something small and quaint for 2 to 4....  With over 100 exquisite properties to choose from, the perfect option is just waiting for you.

Luxury Vacation Homes for Rent

Luxury Italian villas are a wonderful option for special occasions, wedding honeymoon travel, or just to be pampered on your well-earned holiday.  It's no mistake that Italy has earned the reputation for being one of the most romantic destinations.  This country is synonymous with passion and beauty.    Some of the most beautiful places I've ever stayed are in Italy.

"La dolce vita" was invented here.  So if you enjoy "the good life", what better way to experience it than by renting your own luxury villa.  Some of these offer a private chef and maid service, as well as air-conditioning (not a typical feature for most villas).   Click here for a superb range of properties.

Tuscany Vacation Rental

A vacation in Tuscany offers many contrasts.  What could be more ideal than flinging open those shutters each morning to a view of the vineyards.  It's no wonder so many movies have been made, featuring the Italian countryside.   

Or perhaps, base yourself in the middle of one of its bustling towns or cities -- Florence, Sienna, Pisa, for example -- and enjoy that great European past-time of "people watching"! 

The cafe society and art world of Florence is such a rich treat.  The Uffizi Museum is one of the city's main attractions, as is the magificent Duomo cathedral.  

Here is a fine selection of villas throughout Tuscany, for you to choose from.

And of course, the famous leaning tower here below needs no introduction.  Apparently, one little building mistake back in the 12th century led to its famous incline.

What about the best of both worlds:  a week in the country, followed by a week of city life.  

If you want to browse through and see what's available, to fit in with your trip planning, there are Tuscany villa rentals available in all price ranges.   Make sure you check for last minute and special offers....

Amalfi Coast Holiday Rentals

Imagine your Italy vacation taking you along the Amalfi Coast beaches.  As you gaze out of your Positano window on to the Adriatic Sea, it doesn't get much better than this.  Admittedly, this popular area is frequented by tourists, but in low season it's more manageable to make your way through these romantic corridors.

Sit in a cafe...  sip on your espresso or latte...  and watch the world go by.  There's nothing quite like coffee prepared by the Italians.  On my regular visits down over the border, when I lived in Vienna, the first thing I noticed was that very distinctive chocolate-y flavour of the local brew. 

Nothing like waking up to this aroma, wafting up from the streets below... or preparing it yourself in your own rented villa.

For a beautiful array of Sorrento and Amalfi Coast villas, click here.

Rome Vacation Rental

Once again, the mere mention of Rome brings to mind so many movies....  Roman Holiday, La Dolce Vita, Eat Pray Love, The Talented Mr Ripley, to name a few.   And we are often reminded on the big screen of those familiar landmarks...  the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, and of course the Trevi Fountain.

See a delightful tribute here, celebrating this famous fountain in the heart of Rome.

Is this the ideal location for your Italy vacation rental?

Rome is also one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations.  Definitely deserving of the title:  "City of Eternal Love". 

So, if you are looking for a Rome vacation rental, click here to see these exclusive options on offer to you.

Villas Italian Lakes

Do you love the northern lakes area of Italy?  If so, you might like to consider a Lake Como vacation, or check out the range of Lake Garda villa rentals.   Equally beautiful, but perhaps less frequented by tourists, is the tranquility of Lake Maggiore. 

I remember, in my late teens, arriving in the town of Stresa on a Thomas Cook tour with my mother.  It was early autumn and we sat in a beer garden right on the edge of the lake, with tall palm trees adding a balmy quality.  A blissful experience for a young impressionable girl !

Since that time, I have returned to the Italian lakes region, and had equally wonderful stays on Lake Garda.  To see the whats on offer, click here to see Italian villas to rent.

Cooking tours Italy

When you think of Italy, it's hard not to think of delicious food... with its sun-drenched produce... and wonderful wines.   So, why not plan a vacation with a difference.  Ever thought of an Italy cooking vacation?   Whether it's pasta you love, or an excellent risotto, you'll be inspired by the natural and effortless way the Italians approach their cooking.

Tuscany and Umbria are popular locations for culinary tours.  You'll get to see how the locals eat and the joy of sitting at long communal tables.  Family traditions have long placed an emphasis on sharing meal times together.

I remember staying in Assisi once, at a convent bed and breakfast, run by American and Irish nuns.  Not only were the rooms spacious and immaculate (forgive the pun), but the nuns also knew the best places to eat.  To this day, one of the best pizzas I ever had was in a little trattoria tucked away in the back streets.

For more about Italian cooking holidays, and to see upcoming dates for a Tuscany food and wine tour, please see my link here to Culinary Vacations.

Perhaps a Venice vacation rental?

Needless to say, Venice is a major drawcard for many.  Whether it's the romance of a Venice honeymoon or because you just want to visit (again) before the "acqua alta" reclaims the city one day, it's always a special experience. 

I have had the pleasure of visiting this unique place in every season of the year, and it never disappoints.  With iconic landmarks such as Harry's Bar with its famous "Bellini", La Fenice to see a memorable piece of theatre, or Peggy Guggenheim's canal-front home for a dose of modern art, there's nowhere quite like Venice.

So, what will you choose?

Now that we've had a little armchair travel, which Italy vacation rental seems right for you?  A farmhouse in Tuscany...  one of the Amalfi Coast villas.... an apartment in Rome or Florence.  Such a delightful dilemma :)

I hope this page has inspired you with some new ideas for planning your Italian sojourn.  For travel tips to Italy, don't forget to check out the e-book "Italy from the Inside" (see right-hand side of page).

And for more information about holiday villas in Italy, click here to see what's available for your dates.  Happy Travels!

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